Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Deep Stealth??

Well, I just have to share my weekend and get some thoughts out. I went out Saturday to the club but did not feel very good at all. I only had 2 drinks and I got really bad heartburn. I still stayed out til 3 but it was difficult to even stay awake. I almost fell asleep sitting at the bar. Pretty pathetic.

So on to Sunday. My brother is the DJ at the club and he asked me if I could help him on Sunday with a show he was promoting. He said he just needed a body to help with whatever so I said sure. I was pretty sure that he needed Bob to show up and not Michelle so I kind of managed both. I wore my girl jeans and a Daisy Fuentes t-shirt but it was a really pretty blue that nobody would really think twice about. I am pretty sure that nobody saw the Gloria Vanderbilt tags on my jeans either. The one thing that was pretty obvious was my hands. I still had the dark garnet nail polish on and I wore the rings that I really like. Most of the people there were musician types and did not really seem to care. Most of them did notice, but nobody was brave enough to ask or even cared I guess. The rest of the night was really weird because I really felt like I was getting away with being a girl even though nobody else gave me a second look. I did get a funny look from the girl behind the bar when I ordered my drinks. She saw both my hands so it was pretty obvious. Even though I was there as Bob to everyone else, I made no attempt to hide my hands or to act particularly male. Not really sure how to explain my feelings. I kind of feel like I was faking because none of the people there knew how I really wanted to be. I kept wondering what they would think if Michelle was more obvious.

Anyway, sort of like a private little fantasy. Getting away with wearing girl clothes and nobody noticed. Not what I really wanted to wear for the show but it felt really good not trying to hide.


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