Monday, December 6, 2010


Well I want to talk a little bit about my hormone results. I am still on the same dose: 200mg spiro a day, 5 mg finasteride and 4mg estradiol. I am happy with my breast dev. so far. My wife admits that there is definitely a difference now. My sister saw me the other day and told me that they were really "sprouting" well. I need to stop wearing my fake breasts because the glue is causing blisters around the edges. Today I went and bought a new bra to try with my real breasts. They don't seem to make a 38A so I am trying a 36A. A little tight but it does work. I taped my breasts underneath to help pull them together and it works pretty well. There is a bit of padding but I can definitely feel it when I touch them now.
Not sure about the emotional issues really since I have been really depressed about my wife and the divorce. I have been crying a lot lately but I really think it is normal for what we are going through right now. I do find that I get pretty emotional when I watch other people but then I have always been fairly expressive when it comes to my feelings.
The one thing that is really bothering me is my strength. Holy crap do I feel weak now. I was helping my sister move some furniture this week and I really struggled. I was always relatively strong especially for my size but now I really think I know how girls feel about physical strain. I know there are a lot of strong women physically, but they must work really hard at it. It really is surprising how fast I have lost my physical strength. It has been 25 weeks on the testosterone blockers (spiro and finast) and 16 weeks on the estrogen.
The other thing that I really like is my skin. My hands are really soft now and my face is different too. I have girls at work noticing that my face is looking different. My eyes have changed a little and the skin looks pretty smooth even without electrolysis. Luckily I have a fairly light beard so it's not too bad. My face is definitely softer now and some of the lines in my forehead are smaller.
So far I am pretty happy with the results. I am going to ask if I should be upping the estrogen soon since I have heard that a lot of people are at 6 or 8 mg a day. My dr sent me for the routine blood work to check my testosterone and estrogen levels and to check for any liver problems. The only other thing that I worry about is my immune system. I seem to be having a lot of minor colds and sore throats even though I take a multivitamin every day.
My wife tells me that there is no going back now. She keeps telling me that there is no hope for us anymore since I have made so many physical changes. I really need to start looking in other places for girls that I could have a possible relationship with. There are a couple other bars where the girls hang out so I think that I will try my luck there and see it I get any girls that show some interest in me.


Sally Sapphire said...

Wow, your first bra for your real breasts - congratulations, hon!

Thanks for sharing your experiences with the hormones. My wife and I haven't had that discussion yet (I'm very much afraid it's going to lead to the same relationship issues you're experiencing), but I know it's a conversation we need to have at some point.

Anne said...

At Sally and Michelle. You guys are both headed towards a serious world of hurt. Not just for yourselves but for your loved ones. This is not advice, This is just a wake-up call. TRY listening to yourselves. You are both moaning and groaning. This is YOU trying to tell YOU something.

What you are doing is NOT working. Why is that not obvious to you? Jeese! I could force feed any normal man estrogen and he would grow breasts. Would he be happy? HELL NO ! Are YOU happy? Sure does not sound like it.

Get off the kool-aid. Get off the estrogen and try some "T". You might be surprised.

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