Saturday, December 18, 2010

Going out. Going to be a good night no matter what!


Anonymous said...

It's not a matter of anyone agreeing with what you're doing or not. You're the only one who can decide your own course of action. We see only what you write and what you post in videos, which is much less than what anyone else sees, and still less than what you yourself know.

For me anyway (I can't speak for Anne), it's more about hoping that you doing what's best for yourself. I will not be a cheerleader when I see signs that seem to indicate trouble. But as I said, we see very little of your life. If you say that you're certain that your course of action is best for you, then it's totally your business anyway. And if I'm still concerned, well, that's me.

Anne said...

Well said, Ariel. What troubles me the most is that, what I sense is a lack of total personal conviction. I sense a cry for affirmation and approval. This is the reason that I initially urged caution and continue to urge a candid assessment of one's motivations.

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