Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Who am I kidding?.... I look terrible as a girl

Last night I decided to try some pictures. I went through all my summer club clothes and took a total of 70 pictures. I went through them all, deleted the blurry ones, cropped out all the background and ended up with 31 pictures that I thought were ok. I am really worried about showing them with my face since I cannot stop people from copying them off the blog. I went through them last night and again today and I really don't think that I look good at all. Maybe 1 or 2 look sort of like a girl but they are mostly just a guy in a dress. I am so depressed today. Maybe I should not have doubled my estrogen last night. Maybe I am just having a rush of something that is making me really sad today. My doctor tells me that I look better and better each week and yesterday she was really complimentary. I know that I take bad pictures but I can't find even 1 from last night that I think is worth posting.

Who am I kidding? Michelle is nothing but misery for me and everyone around me.


Angel said...

How do other people react to you? That's the important thing. Many of us (myself included) look in the mirror or at our photos and see all of the flaws... because we know they're there. It can be very depressing. During my first year of transition, I was horrified by my photos!

Over time, estrogen will do wonders for you, believe me. And for those things that it can't fix, there's FFS.

But really... I look at your profile photo and I don't see a guy.

Michelle Marie said...

That profile picture is one of the very few that I have ever liked. None from last night are even close to that one.

dgmoo said...

If your look is important, then I will make some suggestions:
Get a good hairdresser that you trust...ask them to give you some hints and tips as to how to style your hair and what products would be best for it.
Find a makeup artist who will show you what you should be doing as far as colors that are good for your skin/eye/hair color.
I know you have a very stylish/trendy friend that would be willing to give tips also (no...not talking about me:)

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