Monday, September 20, 2010


So I just found this new "stats" section for my blog and it seems that everybody is interested in pictures since the only picture I have on this blog has the most views of any page. I must admit that pictures are the first thing I look for too. Hopefully tomorrow night I will get a chance to show off all the new outfits that I have spent a fortune on this summer. I have lots of club clothes and I can finally show off my own hair instead of a wig. My friends all tell me that I dress a little slutty and that I dress to attract men rather than women but I am still learning and developing my own style. I wear what I like and hopefully some girls out there will like it too. Who cares what the guys think. Not me! I spend hours looking for dresses and skirts that nobody at the club has. I bought 1 corset top at hot topic and sure enough one of my friends has the same top. Oh well, we just make sure we never wear it on the same night out! Like I said in an older post, I need to stop shopping for a while. I think I have enough outfits and I hope I get to show them off soon.


Claire L Hallam said...

We hope so too!

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