Thursday, August 26, 2010

Getting closer to the real me!!!!!

So this Saturday I got brave and actually went out without my wig! I went to see my sister and sister-in-law to ask them if my hair would "work". They both said yes so that is how I went out. I found that if I just let it dry and pull it forward that it is really pretty curly and very feminine. A few of the people at the club did not recognize me with short hair but everybody said they really liked it better than wearing a wig. I guess that is good since everybody really likes my wig too.

On Tuesday, I get to spend the whole day as Michelle since I have 2 appointments every week. I take the day off from work and use up my vacation and personal days. I went to my therapist at 6 and she was really surprised at how I looked and she told me that I was much more natural with my own hair. I always go to see her dressed but she did a double take when I walked in this week. She knows that I have an obsession with long hair and was really happy that I was now comfortable with my own hair even though is relatively short for a girl.

I also went to the mall again and had lunch at Friendly's by myself. It would be nice if I could find some friends so that I am not always by myself as Michelle. Oh well, something I will just need to get used to doing. I know that this will be a lonely life at least for a little while.

Ok, not much else to talk about so bye for now!


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