Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Saturday Night New dress from Lip Service!


Anonymous said...

I am really sorry I wasnt at home to see you in this new outfit but I love it.. Vanity is different for everybody...you arent vain you just want to be the best you can be, There is NOTHING wrong with that... our family sucks at self esteem but a good friend told me that "I dont see what they do " and the same is true with you. You are having a rough time with this only because you care deeply how it will affect all those around you.. that right there makes me know that our self esteem is poor we are loving and giving people but dont think we deserve to be happy... This is a long process but as your little sister I WILL always support your descions.. Michelle is very pretty and some of us are jealous of her just like you are jealous of "real"women..(WTF is a "real" woman anyhow??) I am proud of both Michelle and Bob and are very proud to call you both siblings!! I love you and you can get thru this!!

Claire L Hallam said...

Michelle, how are you girl? you've gone very quiet and your friends are worrying, hope you're doing fine, Claire

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