Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today seems to be a good day

For some reason today I am in a good mood. I went shopping last night and spent way too much money. First I went to Ulta and got some really expensive makeup that I really love. I also bought some new shampoo and conditioner that worked really well. I love my hair today. I went out to eat by myself at Ruby Tuesday and got the salad bar as usual. The waitress was really nice and gave me a coupon that expired that day. Then I went to Kohl's and bought more clothes for work. I bought 3 blouses and a pair of pants. I got really brave and actually went into the women's fitting room to try the pants. There was one other person there but I just waited for her to leave. The pants are a little big but I need it that way for my fat gut. I am really happy with the blouses. I bought them for work but that might be wishful thinking at this point.

Anyway, just thought that I would share a good day instead of just complaining all the time. Thanks for listening.


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