Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Not exactly rambling this time.... actually some pretty serious thoughts. Kinda long but........


Practically Trans said...

Well, I watched them all. :)

It occurs to me, that being trans is simple. You're born that way and it never goes away. It's the transitioning that's hard. There's no place society for people who are trans, no roadmap of how to be trans, and nothing that muggles can relate to. It sucks. I've only stuck my toe in the water, you're out almost full time and I shudder at the thought of dealing with suck factor you're having to put up with.

One thing that sucks is of haters like that jerk at the timeclock. I wouldn't say they were invalidating you, as much as I would say that person is simply a bigot who wants to feel big by making someone else small. Nobody else in the room even said a peep did they? I am sure psychologists have a term for that phenomenon: Nobody wants to get involved... nobody cares enough... complicity maybe? I don't know. But most people could care less that you're transitioning because they just want the freaking timeclock fixed so they can punch out and go home. That's both good and bad. While nobody stuck up for you, hopefully nobody else joined in the cat calling. It's up to you, to borrow the quote from Tyrion Lannister, to find the strength and confidence to "wear it like armour" and don't let these a-holes get you down. You can still stick up for yourself, though. Next time tell that moron to shut their trap or something.

Another thing that sucks is social inertia. Like you said, the muggles just don't get it. Didn't you say you boyfailed when you presented at the ER, but only got the dirty stares after you showed them your (male) id? Didn't you say you got odd looks in the highway rest stop men's room? Your girlfriend at the front counter was being honest... probably more because she knew you as a guy for so long it's hard to think about you otherwise, and less of because of how you look. Eventually she'll flip that in her head, and it will be "Oh I forgot you used to be a guy" and there will be lolz and hifives for everyone.

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