Friday, November 2, 2012

Colleen Francis ... My opinion (again)

I had put up a video talking about the Colleen Francis issue a few weeks ago but i was getting a few responses from people telling me that I may be " misinformed" or may be making "assumptions" so I took down the post.

Now I see from Elizabeth that there is hard proof that this person DID expose his male parts in a female space.  I don't think that I will re-post my videos but I will state my opinion again.

I AM NOT TRANSGENDER!  If Colleen Francis represents what a typical transgender person is, then I certainly DO NOT fit in with that group.  Transgender DOES NOT equal transsexual.  There is NEVER any way that it is ok for any person to show their male parts and then expect to be considered female in ANY circumstance, period.  You have NO RIGHT to any female spaces.  If you have no plans to get rid of those parts and you still use them as any other male would, then YOU ARE NOT FEMALE IN ANY WAY!  

It really disgusts me that the school would make the girls swim team use the smaller locker room.  Colleen Francis is not a woman and has no right to claim any special privileges because of  "gender status".

I am transsexual.  I NEVER show my parts to ANYBODY!  I hate those parts!


 And yes, this post is red because it really makes me mad!


Anonymous said...

Having doen a little research on this, What I have found out is the guys is taht jut a guy. One report showed that he had a profile on a BDSM site in whihc he stated he was kinky and perverted and like watchin women and girls. In one report he point blanki stated he has no intention of acctually doing a sex change. Waht isee here is a pervert using a loop hole to follow his perversion. In my view he is doning nothing but harm to all involved including those who really are trandgednered and pre-op.

Anonymous said...

And the truth is still not out, in any form. It is coming out soon though. People are still completely jumping to a lot of conclusions without any actual facts about what happened that day. There is actually quite a large network of people and organizations who are helping with this effort for truth. Everyone is seeing just one side of the "story" for at this point it's just that, a "story." However, the facts, the reality, will be available for everyone soon.

Michelle Leanne said...

Where is the truth????????????? Where is Colleen Francis telling everybody that she was NOT exposed in ANY way while in the women's locker room???? Where is her statement telling us that she does NOT let her male parts be seen in a designated female space?????


I am certainly waiting and if that is the case, then ALL my comments disappear.

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