Monday, January 7, 2013

Bunch of stuff: estrogen, bff's, my favorite obsession and hurting my ex.....


Practically Trans said...

No medical treatment is risk free. But I think for a long time, the risks of HRT were deliberately overstated to discourage people who weren't thought to fit a specific notion of who was "really" transexual.

IANAD, but insulin is far more dangerous than estrogen. An overdose of estrogen is unlikely to cause any clinically significant symptoms, but might increase risk of a blood clot. OTOH, an overdose of insulin will trigger hypoglycemia 100% of the time, a medical emergency that requires immediate treatment.

There are indeed legitimate and reputable "grey market" sources for HRT meds, but the problems remain of knowing what to get, where to get it from, how to administer it effectively, what to expect, and what the risks really are.

IMO that's why it's best to work with a doctor through an informed consent program, if you're lucky enough to live close to a place that does that.

Just sayin. :)


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