Monday, December 3, 2012

Just Sunday night.....


Practically Trans said...

Well, it's not so much you need a thicker skin, I'm just hoping you don't just take crap like that, for any reason, without at least trying to stick up for yourself. I think you will feel better if you do.

Let me tell you little story about not taking crap though it has nothing to do with the trans. I work IT as well. I stopped in one of our offices and this one secretary for the 1000th time made the tired joke of "Oh, what are you going to break today?" I bet you hear that crap too.

I kinda let her have it a little bit. Not in an unprofessional manner mind you, but more like "Look, I work hard to maintain these systems, not sabotage them. They're complicated, and sometimes I do get things wrong, but I'm still pretty good at what I do here. I don't appreciate it when you say stuff like that, and I want you to stop it."

On a different topic... see? You had some win at the drug store and at the dinner party. It's not just me cheerleading you here. You're passing, and that's awesome, and you deserve serious props for how far you've come. I couldn't even say I'd look halfway as decent, but I'm not really even trying yet... though I did have my first LHR appt today. Zap.

Again IMO what it comes down to is people who knew you "from before" either haven't had enough time to wrap their heads around things, or are being just plain mean or stubborn about it.

I know this is one of the things that holds me back... it's not the people I don't know, it's the people that I *do* know. Transition is not an everyday thing for muggles, they don't understand. Shoot, I don't even understand. And I suspect, the closer to one's inner circle, the more difficult it is. And it's a cheap shot for the haters.

As far as your creeper at the restaurant, I'm glad to hear your waitress friend didn't out you. Perv-man probably found you on FB or google or even found this blog after shoulder-surfing your boyname from your credit card imprint or something, and overhearing your girlname, and putting two and two together.

Can you get *his* name? Then you've turned the tables a bit. Either way, he deserves no more of your attention.

But really, combine the risks of perverts/chasers like the jacka$$ at the restaurant with feeling vulnerable from thugs out on the street... trans folk have a little more to worry about than most folks. I understand I think what you mean that it seems "neat" to find yourself in a more "feminine" mindset, but just be resolved to not take crap laying down. Get some pepper spray or something if you're out walking around the seedy side of town. Chance favors the prepared. :)

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