Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holy Crap!!!! I am getting away with wearing eyeliner at work!

So today I decided to really push my luck by wearing powder on my face, a maroon eyeliner and mascara.  Wow, am I getting a lot of looks today.  My friends all say it is really cool.  I went up to the front desk to say hi to my friend and the other HR girl was also there.  They both said "hi beautiful" as I walked in and then I asked them if there was any company policy that I could be violating.  They are both pretty sure that there is no such policy and told me that I look great today.  It is really hard when I go into the bathroom because I really like the way my face looks.  I really hate using the men's room too.  Oh well, I just wanted to share.  It really is great feeling to have my friends tell me that it is ok.   The odd looks from the guys are really funny too.  So far nobody has been brave enough to ask me about it except for the friends that already know about me.  I am so disappointed though because my boss is not here today.  I know that he would have lots to comment about.  

Ok well back to work.   Check out the other post I just put up too.  I talked a lot about getting my hair done last night, Christmas with my kids and talking to other people about me.

Love you all


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