Monday, November 21, 2011

My kids are rejecting me

My girls are really struggling lately.  They don't want to see ANY form of Michelle at all.  I made the HUGE mistake of telling them they would not have to see Michelle at any time and they are really holding me to it.  I know it was a stupid thing to promise but I said it once when we first told them back in June.  Now they are saying that they feel betrayed because I usually wear my rings all  the time and I started wearing 3 silver bracelets all the time too including at work.  My oldest daughter ended up in the emergency room this past saturday night because of her migraines.  I was already out with my sister but I told my ex that I would meet them at the hospital.  I went home, cleaned up my face and took off the nail polish that I had just put on earlier.  I stayed with my ex and my daughter until 10:30 and then I went home to pick up my middle daughter from a friends house.  They got home from the hospital around 2am.  On Sunday, my ex told me that my daughter was upset because I still had my rings and my bracelets on and she said I did not do a good job of getting the nail polish off.  And to make matters even worse, the triage nurse told me that she loved my hair which really annoyed my ex.  My ex commented on that on Sunday as well.  I also bought a new hoodie last week and my middle daughter finally saw it this morning.  It is a bright purple with black on the sleeves.  She did not approve at all.  She told me to cover it up.  They all refuse to talk directly to me.  My oldest tells my ex that I don't listen so she does not bother to talk to me.  I always do what they ask when their friends are around.  I always take off the rings and usually don't put my hair in a pony tail when I am around their friends.  I told my ex that I want to get my ears pierced and she freaked out on me saying that the kids will not accept it.  My oldest said "hell no, he's not getting his ears pierced".  My ex tells me that I should be sacrificing anything for the kids.  I am being completely selfish in everything I do.  

I know I am being a terrible parent, but it is just getting so hard to keep switching back and forth between Bob and Michelle.


Anonymous said...

You're being selfish? Sounds more like THEY are the ones being not only selfish but bossy as well.

For one thing, your ex is your EX... she no longer has any way in how you live your life. It sounds like she's using the girls for leverage... putting it into their minds that you shouldn't be doing things, expecting you to cater to them. My ex tried that and luckily my son refused to go along with it.

There's a point when you have to say, "This is who I am. Either accept me for me or don't ask me for anything again." If you don't do this, they will continue to control you and you'll never reach your goals.

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