Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday night Hormones, happiness and telling the kids about Michelle


Claire L Hallam said...

Yes your face is looking so much more feminine over the last few months, good luck with the voice.

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry about what has happened with your wife. It is something that too many of us have gone through or will go through. Your love for you children and her is crystal clear and that hopefully will help you along the way.

If I may offer one suggestion, please keep your chin up more during your blog. You have a lot of interesting things and emotional things to share, but it is hard to see your eyes and face at times. It is hard to smile with all the bad stuff happening right now, but you have lots to be proud of as you have overcome a number of obstacles. I hope I am not offending you in any way, I just am a believer in trying to remain and think positive when bad times come. Smiling in the mirror helps me remind myself that I'm a good person. (Please NO Al Franken jokes!) ; )

BTW, your looks are getting more and more feminine as time passes. It is obvious to me.

Best and Bon Chance,

Karin ("I'm Just A Girl (I Think)" blog)

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